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The House

Liang-Chun Lin
United States, 2021, 9 min.

In English.

Amy, a shameless penny pincher, moves into a haunted house for the great rent. She finds herself surrounded by ghosts whose personalities are suspiciously similar to her own. These beings don't want justice or eternal rest. They want Hulu. They want potato chips. And they expect Amy to help. When Amy can no longer take their harassment, she decides to exorcise them...on a budget, of course.

Director's Statement

We’re all stuck somewhere in our lives, saddled with things things we can’t afford to cast aside. In the case of The House, Amy would love to leave the ghosts behind, but she refuses to part with her cheap rent. In my real life, my film-making dream means I’m stuck with frozen food and instant noodles. I hope we all find a way to exorcise our biggest nightmares while remaining as cheerful as Amy.

Category: Comedy.

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