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Today As I Run

Julia Huffman
United States, 2021, 5 min.

In English.
Includes violence.

Our story is narrated by award winning actress and advocate Sheryl Lee (Twin Peaks) and animated by emerging stop motion animator, Erentia Bedeker (Ruby & Roach). The animation technique used is silhouette stop motion animation with paper cut-outs. "If this beautiful film does not move those who watch it then they have hearts of stone. I wept tears of sorrow and anger mixed. Highly intelligent, loyal pack members, wonderful parents. Innocent but hunted like criminals. The hunters are the criminals. I hope all Coloradans watch this and become compassionate guardians of your wolves." -Dr Jane Goodal

Director's Statement

This is a project that is near and dear to my heart as I was profoundly affected by the news when the Profanity wolf family were killed. We created this film in association with Sierra Club Colorado to bring attention to the tragedy that happened to this wolf family and that continues to happen in wolf states across the US. Our overall mission is to call on Americans to be guardians for the few remaining wolves left in the lower 48 states. Coloradans have the opportunity to be different, to not repeat the tragedy of the Profanity Peak wolf family. We can coexist. Yes, coexistence will require change requiring ranchers to use non-lethal livestock-carnivore management techniques. But coexistence will create change for the good that reverberates throughout the land. Washington state resident, Hank Seipp, was in the forest the day the entire Profanity Peak family was killed, including a mother wolf and her four pups. That evening he wrote the poem "Today As I Run" to bear witness to what he saw and could never forget.

Category: Animation.

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