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Zoe Eisenberg
2021, 8 min.

In English.
Includes adult language.

On her last night of work, a pregnant theater manager and her longtime employee discover a bag of cash under a seat and must decide what to do with it. 

Director's Statement

The idea for Cashback first surfaced when an actress I’d been hoping to collaborate with became unexpectedly pregnant with her first child. As a woman in my thirties, many of my life-long friends are currently having children, which brings up a lot of insecurities over how our relationships will shift in the face of such a large change. At surface-level, Cashback is a moral debate over what to do with an unexpected surplus of cash, but my intention was to create a sweet slice-of-life look at friendship in the face of immense change, as each character vies for what they believe is best for the other, individually trying to take control of a situation that is ultimately very much out of their control.

Category: Short.

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