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Andrew After Angola

Will LaCalle
United States, 2023, 40 min.

In English.

Andrew After Angola follows a re-entry program created to help former prisoners rebuild their lives in Louisiana and explores the complex background of the program's founder, Andrew Hundley. Andrew is in a unique position to speak to this experience, having spent years in Louisiana's largest prison, known as Angola, for second-degree murder, a crime he committed at age 15. Observational scenes capture important conversations and moments of drama through the perspective of those who have served decades behind bars. The film allows time to consider the tough questions it raises, namely, whether Andrew and the people he works with deserve a second chance.

Director's Statement

My parents are from the same town, Eunice, in south Louisiana, where Andrew, the leading participant in the film, is from and where he committed his crime. Throughout my life, I've visited family and friends in this community. Andrew and I, before this project, had no direct connection. It's always been very important to us that we be respectful of the people hurt directly by Andrew's actions as a teenager, especially Terri's family members, and friends. I have learned so much through the participants in this film about the potential people have to change.

Category: Documentary, Feature.
Themes: Jurisprudence, Community, Biography, Social Justice.

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