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Kalpit Patel
Canada, 2024, min.

In English.
Includes adult language.

In a close-knit community, imagine a teenager's struggle with asexuality, where faith clashes with personal discovery. My screenplay, born from real emotions, dives into the heart of identity and mental health, inviting the audience to join the authentic journey toward acceptance in a world that craves conformity.

Director's Statement

Kalpit, a recent graduate of Toronto Film School, swiftly rises to Supervising Producer, driven by a passion for storytelling. With a background spanning roles in reality TV and feature films, he amplifies diverse stories from various perspectives. Trained in Intimacy Coordination, he ensures a safe set environment, particularly in sensitive scenes. As he embarks on his debut short film, promise and innovation define his journey. Kalpit emerges as a fresh voice in entertainment, with narratives that captivate and leave an indelible mark, reflecting his commitment to showcasing the richness of diverse experiences through his storytelling prowess.

Category: Experimental.

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