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One Smart Fellow

Timothy Busfield
Tommy Lohmann
United States, 2015, 44 min.

In English.
Includes adult language.

While on a weekend vacation at a beautiful beach house on the coast of North Carolina, a not so smart fellow decides to turn his family's life upside down. Clark, his wife Ellen and their daughter Maddie experience an event that will change their lives forever.

Director's Statement

The prospect of putting a movie together with script approvals, financing, casting, crewing, shooting, posting and finally releasing can seem daunting. So daunting that potential important filmmakers may never be produced. This film was made as an effort to try to find a simpler, more accessible way of filmmaking, We learned from our effort that we could shoot for ten hours, deliver a 44 minute film (that we liked), for less than $1000. We thank the festivals across the planet for giving filmmakers this opportunity to grow and to learn and to help influence others. 

Category: Comedy.
Themes: Family, Relationships.

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