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The Beast

Daina O. PusiƤ
Croatia, 2015, 21 min.

In Croatian with English subtitles.
Includes violence and adult language.

A hundred year old woman called Nada and her 75-year old daughter Vera have a tense but familiar relationship. The childlike Vera takes care of her frail, mute though at times cruel, mother until one evening a bat flies into Nada's room and starts hibernating underneath her bed. The animal's presence gradually reinvigorates the old woman, eternally and fatally changing the relationship between mother and daughter.

Director's Statement

The morning light seeps into the dusty squeaky rooms, making its way through the greenery and the flowers, illuminating the lonely tough old women of this story. Their frightening and humorous presence is one summoned from recollection, a fairy tale about the deeply flawed beautiful women who helped raise me.

Category: Dramedy.
Themes: World Cinema, Women, Family, Relationships.

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