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Marton Jelinko
Finland, 2016, 94 min.

In Finnish with English subtitles.
Includes violence, nudity, sexual content and adult language.

In order to find out about the disappearance of his sister Tomas joins a criminal gang. Tomas is trying not to blink when he watches the brutalities, but the atmosphere of death and evil soon begin to shake his emotional balance. The events are shown as cold and distant, but in places also beautiful. In contrast to them stands violence that is shockingly brutal. Ethereal and unhurried suspense dominates the depiction of the saddest of traps.

Director's Statement

Guilt is a film that was born out of my love for genre and especially film-noir, and my own pondering on morality in general. It is meant as a visual interpretation of the main characters head first dive into his own obsessions and of the moral decay on so many levels that surrounds him and takes hold in him as well. I meant to make a film that gives little more than atmosphere to the audience and makes them find the interpretation within themselves. Guilt is not an easy film, but once you give into it, it will bring new sides out of you in the end.

Category: Noire.
Themes: Abuse, Crime, World Cinema.