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Forbidden Cuba

Art Jones
United States, 2016, 81 min.

In English.

Forbidden Cuba is a dramatic comedy shot guerrilla-style on location. It follows Gil Bigelow, an American middle manager sent by bosses on a covert mission to Cuba to find a missing executive and plant the seeds for future business expansion. On arrival, Gil quickly gets swallowed in the unknowns of Havana. Traveling deeper into the island, he's stripped of his routines, digital gadgets and bearings, and finds his eyes opened to the untouched beauty and vibrant culture of Cuba - until he's forced to navigate a new world that challenges his corporate directives, his identity and everything he has known.

Director's Statement

To bridge the gulf between the people of Cuba and the U.S., we ventured to create the first American feature made in Cuba since the revolution of 1959. In 2012, on the day Hurricane Sandy roared into New York, our small team battled the elements to find an open airport. Defying rules and reason, we landed in Havana and shot across the island, without permits or permission. We captured a bold, humorous story incorporating the vibrancy and beauty of Cuba and its people into a film that's part Local Hero and Heart of Darkness. We aim to open eyes.

Category: Dramedy, Award Winner, Best of Fest, Festival Alum.
Themes: Cine Cubano, Business, Community, Friendship, Identity, Road Trip.

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