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Santino Campanelli
United States, 2018, 83 min.

In English.
Includes violence and adult language.

Jimmy is a quiet, heavy-set high-school kid who is constantly tormented by the resident school bully Miles and his cronies. After an altercation on his way home from school lands him a chance meeting with former professional boxer "Action" Jackson, Jimmy decides to learn how to defend himself. He hits the boxing gym and with the help of a colorful cast of friends around him, they prepare to end the unsuspecting bullies' reign over the school.

Director's Statement

My father and I had never made a film before, but we'd always had the desire. Having both been bullied in our younger years we learned a lot about overcoming the worlds obstacles, overcoming oneself, as well as the importance of knowing how to defend yourself, and keeping good company. With my career in music and limited film knowledge, and my fathers DIY business acumen, we knew we could bring his scrappy little story to life and hopefully inspire others on both sides of the screen.

Category: Dramedy.

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