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Girls Grow Up Drawing Horses

Joanie Wind
United States, 2018, 7 min.

In English.

A woman explores gender roles, heteronormativity, and the life of her deceased grandmother through horses and other visual metaphors.

Director's Statement

In December 2017, I flew to my hometown in Arizona for several weeks to say goodbye to my dying grandmother. After her passing, I returned with a bag of her scrap yarn and a deep longing to express what I knew was hiding behind her silent life. I had interviewed her a year before, but the footage was accidentally lost. I decided that I would make a mixed media painting inspired by a blanket I found with her yarn, which turned into a film about a painting about her blanket. The finished painting is shown at the end of the film credits. The result is a hard-to-label hybrid film that documents both her life and the making of the painting.

Category: Experimental.
Themes: Arts, Family, Relationships, Women, Poetry.

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