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Six Days of Sistine

Richard J. Perry
United Kingdom, 2019, 84 min.

In English.
This film is family friendly.

In a chance encounter Jean-Baptiste meets and falls for Sistine. Neither can speak a mutual language but instead they find love with one another through spirit, touch and feeling. When Sistine and Jean-Baptiste venture through East London and the vibrancy of the Brick Lane markets it becomes apparent that Sistine needs to head to Bath, Somerset to confront an issue she ran away from. It's here they find themselves growing closer together. Whilst Sistine is trying to understand her own loss in life, Jean-Baptiste is trying to create himself a dramatic life as he feels what he has is too stale and it's like he's been shackled by too much structure and order. He dreams up several scenarios in his head on their journey but in reality all he needs to understand is that the little things in life can be beautiful. Once he does... They'll both have clarity and appreciation.

Director's Statement

"The idea for Six Days of Sistine first came when I was at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, I just sat and stared at a painting for two hours. Mesmerised and lost in finding out new textures and new meanings in something that's just one frame. I wondered if a movie could be similar. Like an oil painting... something to simply enjoy and be lost in on a spiritual, peaceful level. This was a film I've always wanted to make, a film that examines love, closeness, spiritual togetherness all through feeling and touch rather than dialogue. Using poetry to show exactly what these characters are feeling and thinking. It's a magical, spiritual film that shows us the beauty of coming together and loving one another."

Category: Experimental, Romance.
Themes: Poetry, Relationships, World Cinema.

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