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Bépé Nènèb
Christophe Agelan
Martinique, 2018, 28 min.

In French and Creole with English subtitles.
This film is family friendly.

Gregory is a 40-year-old "Goyave", a European white descendant of colonists, lives with his dad Bernard, who is sick. As a béké among black people, he tries to find his place in society in the island of Martinique (French Caribbean), when suddenly a general strike starts in February 2009.

Director's Statement

Bépé Nènèb and Christophe Agelan are Martiniquen filmmakers. Loving words and poetry (Nènèb is a SLAM Champion in Martinique), they have started writing for TV shows, Virtual Reality contents and movies for the last five years. Professionnal screenwriters (C.E.E.A Certification),Nènèb and Agelan use humoristic or dramatic situations and different genres to serve caribbean stories with universal potentials. After Passengers, and BOC, Goyave is their fourth professionnal short film.

Category: Musical, Drama.
Themes: Music, Politics, Identity, World Cinema.