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Super Vaccine Vato

Lalo Alcaraz
United States, 2021, 3 min.

In English.
This film is family friendly.

Super Vaccine Vato (SVV) is the new Lalo Alcaraz/Pocho Villa Productions public health super hero. He takes on vaccine awareness in the Latino community for and the ASU School of Transborder Studies. The pilot episode deals with the hesitant family member who doesn't want the covid-19 vaccine.

Director's Statement

I was recruited by the ASU School of Transborder Studies to serve as their Artist in Residence for 2021-22. I am collaborating with ASU Professor Gilberto Lopez and his project to bring my comic strip/cartoon characters to life via animation in the fight to combat vaccine hesitancy in the Latino community. The Super Vaccine Vato character is a spin off of my Super Vato character and many of the characters in this series (Taco Cart Guy) are from my nationally syndicated La Cucaracha comic strip. This pilot is the first of 7 short episodes covering issues ranging from vaccine hesitancy to Covid's impact on mental health.

Category: Animation.

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