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How to Stop a Recurring Dream

Edward Morris
United Kingdom, 2020, 83 min.

In English with English subtitles.
Includes violence and adult language.

Exploring themes of separation and loss this dreamy trip takes place over a weekend in the lives of two sisters. An imminent family separation forces the oldest daughter to kidnap her sister in an attempt to reconnect before they part.

Director's Statement

Ten years ago, after two year struggle with cancer my wife died in my arms.Our kids lay asleep upstairs and the first thing to go through my mind moments after her final breath was “what the hell do I tell the kids in the morning.” This film, many years later and as my children approach early adulthood, is in some small way an answer to that question. We must live, forgive and love, before it’s too late, in this brief moment we have called life. The film was shot in and around locations pertinent to Ed's own childhood and life.

Category: Drama.

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