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  • Shelter Me

    Shelter Me

    Zach Lawson
    United States, 2019, 19 min.

    The only hope for a million stray cats and dogs in Texas may be one woman...and her camera. Professional photographer Nanette Martin returns to her hometown of... more ›

  • The Bullcalf

    The Bullcalf

    Owen Neve
    United Kingdom, 2018, 25 min.

    The hottest day of the year. The harvest is almost in. The farmhouse is full of figures in black for the old man's funeral. The girl is pregnant, and the... more ›

  • Wolf Spirit

    Wolf Spirit

    Julia Huffman
    United States, 2018, 10 min.

    Wolf Spirit is an inspiring and up-close look at the seldom-seen world of wild wolves viewed by National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg. Superbly told... more ›