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  • 2.57K


    Eva Colmers
    Canada, 2015, 12 min.

    Millions of sand grains leap into motion by the magical tone at 2,750 Hz. Patterns arise. Shapes appear. Humans emerge – creating their own unique... more ›

  • Beat Around the Bush

    Beat Around the Bush

    Brianne Nord-Stewart
    Canada, 2016, 12 min.

    A 75-year-old widow with Alzheimer's decides it's time to have her very first orgasm ever. (It takes a few tries.)... more ›

  • Bitter Coffee

    Bitter Coffee

    Rigoberto Jimenez
    Cuba, 2015, 95 min.

    In the 1950's, Lola, Gelacia, Pepa and Cira Garlobo were four young sisters who inherited their parents coffee plantation in Cuba's Sierra Maestra mountains... more ›

  • Don't Mess with the Sharkies

    Don't Mess with the Sharkies

    Richard Rabelbauer
    Switzerland, 2015, 24 min.

    After near extinction of humans by a higher developed species called "Sharkies", Marie and Robert, two of the last survivors, attempt to record a last... more ›

  • Däwit


    David Jansen
    Germany, 2015, 15 min.

    A wolf child, an angel, a cat. The film animated in the tradition of wood cut technique, tells the story of an abandoned child, who grows up with wolfs after... more ›

  • Ferguson 365

    Ferguson 365

    Christopher Phillips
    United States, 2015, 15 min.

    Ferguson 365 provides context of how the divided suburb of Ferguson erupted in social unrest in response to the shooting death of unarmed African-American... more ›

  • FlySpy


    Daniel M Smith
    United Kingdom, 2016, 22 min.

    A young genius deviant uses a radio controlled drone fly with a camera in its head to spy on his ex-girlfriend... more ›

  • Kandahar Journals

    Kandahar Journals

    Louie Palu
    Canada, 2015, 76 min.

    April 2006. Photojournalist Louie Palu, finds himself in the midst of body parts and the smell of burned flesh. On his first visit to Kandahar he is covering a... more ›

  • Mad Peter

    Mad Peter

    Joshua Seigel
    United States, 2015, 4 min.

    In desperate attempts to stay alive, Mad Peter tries to escape his past, as well as kill a new enemy. We ask the question, will Mad Peter meet his end?... more ›