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Molly Parker: Jump the Fence

AIFF is pleased to welcome returning filmmaker and highly talented actor and director, Molly Elizabeth Parker, with her epic South American adventure, Jump the Fence.

AIFF – What led to your decision to make a documentary about a film you’re also acting in, it’s a unique lens into filmmaking.

Molly – Britt and I had the idea for the film on the back of our first festival experience. We were in the airport, feeling pumped up and inspired to work with some of the directors we’d spent a week getting to know. The original plan was to meet up with some of those directors around the world to work on a string of films back to back. Then we thought that it could be a pretty interesting documentary. Of course, things change and things go wrong and then a Pandemic comes and slams a big fat period on the project so it stands as it is. But there was also a real desire to take control of our careers and put ourselves where we wanted to be. It can be really frustrating to be an actor sometimes. You don’t always get the part you wanted. We wanted to make our own luck.

AIFF – In hindsight, is there anything in preproduction that could have helped you prepare more for what you had to endure, it appears as though you're shooting in paradise?

Molly – I would have raised more money! We definitely needed more help and we couldn’t afford to hire it with the money we raised. I think we did the best we could and we’re proud of what we made. I wish I had found time to tend to my mental health which I think would have allowed more space to connect creatively with Ale’s film. You’re right, it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. True paradise. And I associate it with the most crushing stress I’ve ever felt.

AIFF – What keeps you going in those extreme moments and days when it seems as though you can’t carry on?

Molly – “An artist finishes.” I don’t remember who told me that, but it means a lot to me. There was no not finishing. It sure felt like we were dragging each other over the finish line, but we made it by making each other laugh, I think. If you’re laughing with friends you can get through a lot.

AIFF – The local folks at your locations appear very supportive, are these the aspects of filmmaking that make it all worthwhile?

Molly – Everyone in town was so warm and welcoming and friendly. Caraíva is lights-out wonderful, it’s like a miracle. And the whole group of cast and crew was so talented in so many ways. I can’t tell you what a pleasure and relief it is to have those aspects come through in the film.

AIFF – In the film Britt discuss her family’s idea of career and stability in life, how do they feel now? Have they seen the film?

Britt – I think my parents have finally accepted that this is the field I have chosen. They haven't seen the film and I am a bit nervous for them to see it, but I hope that if they do choose to watch that they will recognize that this life allows me to grow into the person I want to be. I want them to see how my love of creating and storytelling has given me all of my grandest adventures, my favorite friends, my most cherished memories, and even brought me to my spouse. Following my art and aligning my purpose are one and the same.