Film Tourism in Arizona

The history of making movies in Tucson and Southern Arizona is as long as the history of movie-making itself. That's because the natural settings of desert and pine-topped mountains as well as ghost towns, old west movie sets, urban settings and proximity to Mexico give Southern Arizona a vast range of locations within a relatively small area. 

Listed below are just a few of the locations you may want to visit while you're in town for the festival. Click each title for more info.

Mescal Movie Set
Filmed here: Dozens of films and television series including Winchester 73, Monte Walsh, Tom Horn, Tombstone,Gunsmoke, The Magnificent Seven, and many more.

Hotel Congress

Filmed here: TIN CUP (1996)

Scottish Rite Temple
Filmed here: REVENGE OF THE NERDS (1984) 

Barrio Viejo
Filmed here: GOATS (2012), BOYS ON THE SIDE (1985)

University of Arizona
Filmed here: REVENGE OF THE NERDS (1984)

Sabino Canyon
Filmed here: GOATS (2012)

Davis Monthan AFB/AMARC Boneyard:

Nogales, AZ/Sonora
Filmed here: TRAFFIC (2000), THE HANGOVER III (2013), TIN CUP (1996)

Bisbee, AZ
Filmed here: BISBEE '17 (2018)