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Tale of the Kite

Michael Fallavollita
United States, 2016, 30 min.

In English.
This film is family friendly.

HIS DREAMS OF FLIGHT BEGAN WITH A KITE. A young test pilot finds himself in a mysterious desert region out of contact with his airbase and with little hope of survival. But childhood memories of his grandfather may provide the key to his ultimate destiny. 

Director's Statement

Making TALE OF THE KITE has been a long journey for me, both professionally and personally. The story was inspired by my younger days growing up in New England. My grandfather and I would take walks into town each day. I would sit outside my house each day waiting for him to come by, right up until the day he could no longer make those walks. While filming the movie over 11 years, technology changed. We started with Super 16mm film and finished with RED digital photography. The star of the film, Kevin DeSimone was 10 years old when we began principal photography and 21 when we finished. The beauty in this is that you can see both Kevin and the filmmaking process grow up together. I hope you will enjoy the journey.

Category: Fantasy.
Themes: Aging, Family.

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