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The Mechanism of Suspended Time

Stefana Brancastle
United Kingdom, 2016, 38 min.

In French with English subtitles.
This film is family friendly.

An original French period tale set in Paris recounts the fateful meeting between two destined lovers: Pierre & Camille. Born to world-renown rival master clockmakers - Mr. de Maintenant & Mr. de Contretemps - their paths are marred by a controversial past. However, the greater force of true love is at work when a mysterious pocket watch appears to create the right time & right place for all that really matters in life.

Director's Statement

With The Mechanism of Suspended Time, I aimed to explore the mysteries of true love, of perfect timings, mishaps and coincidences. With cinematographer Laurence Blyth, we decided to tell this tale by honouring early cinema filmmaking methods, using only in-camera special effects techniques, original hand-made models, art work and creating manually operated mechanisms. Defining each character and plot theme with their own sound and musical identity, we decided, with composer Simon Daniels, to develop a "timeless" original score by linking several historical musical periods together. My desire is to create a mesmerising experience of wonder, true love and adventure -- Stefana Brancastle.

Category: Fantasy.
Themes: Family, World Cinema, Relationships.

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