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Mark Of The Banshee

Nicol Eilers
United States, 2018, 13 min.

In English.
This film is family friendly.

AIFF Award Winner:
Best of Arizona

SARAH O'NEILL (38) is a single mother and successful lawyer whose family life is falling apart. Her teenage daughter, KAILEY O'NEILL (17), has a problem with drug addiction. Sarah notices that Kailey's behavior is growing increasingly strange and has a suspicion that she is taking drugs again. She's unable to find a drug rehabilitation program for Kailey. She confronts Kailey about missing school which she denies and leaves in anger. But, Kailey has a secret - she's pregnant. She's haunted by noises outside of her window - aural manifestations of a Banshee. She isn't sure whether it's real or if she's going mad. Later on that evening while Sarah is working, she hears a scream from down the hallway. It's Kailey who's terrified of a Banshee, an Irish spirit, that has appeared in her bedroom. As Sarah rushes over to the room, she discovers that her immigration to America hasn't stopped the familial curse of the O'Neill's family Banshee from finding her and stealing her daughter away.

Director's Statement

I've always been interested in dark fairytales and Irish celtic mythology. I recently discovered that part of my ancestral roots are related to Niall of the Nine Hostages; an Irish king whose descendants of the Uí Néill dynasties reigned from the 6th to the 10th century. An old fairy spirit known as Banshee or Bean Sidhe, attached herself to prominent Irish families. She was called the harbinger of death because of her wailing when a member of her clan died. While my family doesn't have a Banshee, the O'Neills were rumored to have several. This is the story of Aine.

Category: Fantasy, Award Winner.

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