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Gift of Fear

Jack Kohler
Katy Dore
United States, 2023, 106 min.

In English.
Includes violence and adult language.

Mili watched in horror as her mother was murdered 11 years ago, becoming another Missing and Murdered Indigenous statistic. Now 17, Mili’s former crew kidnaps her girlfriend after Mili chooses her MMA team over the gang. Tribal cops and an agent from the Federal Missing and Murdered Unit are on the case, but Mili waited for the authorities once…she won’t wait this time.

Director's Statement

Gift of Fear is a dramatic action narrative film about a Native American foster youth, Mili. Mili moves to a new group home and joins a Jui Jitsu MMA team where she meets her coach, Koko, a strong Native woman who believes in her. When Mili's girlfriend goes missing, she decides to go looking for her. Gift of Fear  is based on true incidents that have occurred within the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s #MMIW crisis which affect Native women and their communities in North America and Canada. In addition to Indigenous girls, Foster youth are also vulnerable to being stolen and experiencing sexual exploitation.

Category: Action.
Themes: Native American.