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at the 2023 Arizona International Film Festival

Click on the links below each panel description and you can watch a recording of these insightful panel discussions. Enjoy! 

Friday, April 21, 3pm – Online Panel
Hear what challenges are overcome and insights gained in the production of documentaries by women documentarians attending the Festival.  Panelists will include Faith Howe (The Nature of Healing), Bridget Murnane (Bella) and Sandy Cummings (Space, Hope and Charity). Moderated by award-winning filmmaker, Juliana Piccillo (Celluloid Bordello). See what you missed at:

Saturday, April 22, 3pm – Online Panel
THE CANADIANS ARE COMING: The Making of "The Beehive"
This year, the Festival received a record number of exciting new films from Canada. This panel will explore how The Beehive director Alexander Lasheras and producer Arun Fryer navigated their funding, production and distribution avenues. Moderated by author/screenwriter, Stacey Cochran (Eddie & Sunny). 

Sunday, April 23, 2:30pm – In-person panel at The Screening Room
GROUND ZERO ON IMMIGRATION: A conversation on immigration in Arizona
Within the immigration debate, there are people who work on a daily basis to humanize and put a face on the issue.  Join the conversation with two of Tucson's very own pro-immigrant attorneys and advocates, Isabel Garcia of Derechos Humanos and Margo Cowan of Justicia Para Todos. They have been on the forefront of immigration issues on a local and national stage for decades, pushing back against anti-immigrant policies and practices, while assisting individual migrants, asylum and refugee seekers from Central America and the world. This panel will follow the screening of Las Abogadas: Attorneys on the Front Lines of the Migrant Crisis.

Wednesday, April 26, 3pm – Online Panel
What does it take for an indie filmmaker to make a film in Arizona. Learn about the ups and downs from indie filmmakers Stacey Cochran (Summerhaven: The Series), Leslie Ann Epperson (Prayer Run for the Santa Ritas) and Bart Santello who is restoring a lost feature Trail to Yesterday (1918). Moderated by filmmaker/educator David Wing.

Thursday, April 27, 3pm – Online Panel
OVERCOMING DOCUMENTARY CHALLENGES AND GAINING NEW INSIGHTS Hear what challenges filmmakers need to overcome and insights gained in the production of documentaries that deal with the healing a K-9 with PTSD and American Jewish youth battling the old guard's fixed position on the Palestinian issue.. Moderated by award-winning filmmaker, Juliana Piccillo of Celluloid Bordello.

Friday, April 28, 3:00pm - Online Panel
A record number of Canadian films were submitted to the Festival this year including Ariel. The panel will discuss how Ariel director Alison Murray navigated the making of her film in Argentina (away from home) and the relationship formed between the director and her lead actors Raphael Grosz Harvey and Cristina Rosato. Moderated by author/screenwriter, Stacey Cochran (Eddie & Sunny).

Saturday, April 29, 3:00pm - Online Panel
Director Alan Barr, an expat living in Mexico, and lead actor, Edgar de Santiano, will share with us the trials and tribulations of making of their indie feature Accidental Expat in Mexico City. Moderated by writer/director, Stacey Cochran (Summerhaven: The Series).