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James Hughes
United Kingdom, 2023, 20 min.

In English.

AIFF Award Winner:
Best Comedy Short

A man regales his peculiar obsession with chairs to his new psychiatrist.

Director's Statement

Throughout my formative years I was immersed in the films of Buster Keaton. His comedic timing and innovative approach to filmmaking has been an inspiration for the conception of Chairs. This passion project of mine has been developed over the last five years and focuses on the winsome JOEL JUDSON and his peculiar lifetime infatuation with chairs. Juxtaposed with the comedy of this central scene between Joel and his new psychiatrist SERAPHINA BROOKS, the film explores Joel’s anecdotes through a succession of highly stylised set pieces. This elegant cinematography and fast snappy dialogue pays homage to the classic comedies of Billy Wilder.

Category: Comedy.
Themes: Relationships, Sexuality, World Cinema.

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