• MexMan
  • Bully
  • The Right to Be Wild
  • The Blessing
  • The Modern Lives
  • The Divide
  • Down Escalation
  • Global Shorts
  • Late Blossom Blues
  • Opening night: Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild with Susan Kucera, director of <em>Living in the Future's Past</em>
  • Madhattan
  • Sheep Tricks
  • You Go to my Head


Visiting filmmakers present their work at The Screening Room

Tucson welcomes indie filmmakers from all corners of the world. Sunday night at 8pm, director Craig Dean Devine and actor Colleen Donovan will present their short, Levi. Monday night at 8pm, Anita Abbasi from Canada will screen her short, Mariah ¡que baile!, with Howon Kim, the exciting actor from Korea, starring in Jungmin's Adult Comics. Come see and hear their stories!

Welcome to the 2018 Arizona International Film Festival

Staying true to its mission of showcasing independent film, the Arizona International Film Festival has exhibited over 2,700 films representing 90 countries to over 156,000 patrons in southern Arizona. And now, we are honored to select more exciting and innovative films from around the world for Arizona audiences.

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Playing Today

  • Jungmin's Adult Comics

    Jungmin's Adult Comics

    Kwak seung min
    South Korea 2017, 24 min.

    Jeong-min is a famous writer of adult comics. He keeps a secret that he hasn't experienced sex and that he draws from his own fantasy.  One day, he... more ›

  • The Outer Circle

    The Outer Circle

    Adam Baroukh
    United Kingdom 2017, 13 min.

    Midway through a gruelling Orthodox conversion, Daniel and his fiancée Katherine are eager to gain the blessing of his intimidatingly large and... more ›

  • Sucedio en el Cielo

    Sucedio en el Cielo

    Oldren Romero
    Cuba 2017, 20 min.

    In a place where the eyes of God were the only witnesses, Angel, a ten year old boy, lives with his pregnant mother, his stepfather and grandfather, alone and... more ›

  • African Witchfinder

    African Witchfinder

    Toby Trueman
    United Kingdom 2018, 30 min.

    A Namibian pastor faces a deadly mix of ancient culture, fear, and superstition as he embarks on a campaign for the freedom of the mentally ill, preventing... more ›


Monday, April 23

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Festival events will stream live on Facebook

All filmmaker panels on Saturday and Sunday at 11am will stream live on Facebook so if you can't attend, you can watch from the comfort of your home. An added bonus this year will be the streaming of Q&A sessions by visiting filmmakers after the screening of their films.

Celebrating Short Films

Join a band of filmmakers who have made short films an art on Sunday, April 22, 11am at The Screening Room, 127 East Congress. Moderated by Irish filmmaker Liam O Mochain (Lost & Found), the panel will include Craig Dean Devine and Colleen Donovan (Levi), Sevgi Cacina (Ghosted), Anita Abbasi (Mariah ¡que baile!) and Howon Kim (Jungmin's Adult Comics). Panel will stream live on Facebook.

Connect with International Filmmakers

Join international filmmakers Liam O Mochain (Lost & Found), In-chun Oh (The DMZ Zone), and Alessandro Molatore (My Tourette's) in a lively discussion about the ups and downs of indie filmmaking on Saturday, April 21, 11am at The Screening Room, 127 East Congress.  Panel will stream live on Facebook.

Best of Arizona

Congrats to the Arizona International Film Festival for being selected the 8th Best Festival in Arizona. Only Film Festival in the list of 15 Festivals and the highest ranked Festival in Tucson. Click here to see list.

Volunteers needed for the 2018 Film Festival

Are you interested in behind-the-scenes work for the 2018 Arizona International Film Festival? Volunteers are needed for event planning, marketing, promotions, design, merchandise, office work, and much more. E-mail arizonafilmfest@yahoo.com and find out how you can be involved.

Filmmakers for your Schools

Attention librarians, writing and drama teachers, elementary teachers, CTE, media and photography teachers! Would you like a filmmaker to visit your class? Email us at arizonafilmfest@yahoo.com for reservations. Filmmakers will be available April 18 thru 27, 2018.

Partner with the Arizona International Film Festival

The Festival is an excellent way to advertise your company and support independent expression. We have sponsorships and advertising for every marketing budget. If you are interested in partnering with us, please email us at arizonafilmfest@yahoo.com or click here for sponsorship opportunities.

Tucson Welcomes Festival Filmmakers

Out-of-town visitors have a variety of choices when it comes to resting their heads after an exciting day at the Festival! The historical Hotel Congress, which housed and aided in the arrest of infamous bank robber John Dillinger, the Hotel Arizona, a hub for all things downtown Tucson, Hotel Tucson, where cinematic legend John Wayne used to stay, and our newest hotels, the Riverpark Inn and Country Inn & Suites. Each hotel features discounted rates for anyone attending the Arizona International Film Festival. Watch here for more information and rates.

Read All About It in ZINE

Check out ZINE, our new addition to the website, where you will be able to read in-depth interviews with some of the visiting filmmakers at the 2017 Film Festival. Thank you to our Asian Cinema consultant, Andy Marco for conducting these interviews from afar. Andrew is an MFA Cinema graduate from San Francisco State University, living in Shanghai, China and working with emerging Chinese filmmakers to find their cinematic voice.  

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