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Michael O'Connor
Germany, 2024, 10 min.

In German with English subtitles.
This film is family friendly.

Two sisters look forward to celebrating the fact that one of them has overcome a serious illness. But an insurmountable obstacle stands in the way, until a photograph reveals a magical solution.

Director's Statement

The story was inspired by a sign attached to a lamp post at the side of a very busy road here in Hamburg. We wanted to ask questions about the supposed certainties of life which can be turned upside down in one short moment, and we wanted to do that using elements of magical realism. There is an old warehouse district near the Hamburg harbour that I felt would be perfect to express this. The exterior scenes were largely filmed there - we used the contrasting, dramatic city lights to create a magical world detached from everyday life.

Category: Drama.
Themes: World Cinema.

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